Podcast outlining VFM Leonardo and GeoBeats online video partnership for the hotel industry.
- PR Web Podcast
GeoBeats videos - recognized as one of the best travel guides.
- TimesOnline
GeoBeats ties up with MSN to provide videos filmed by locals
Coverage of partnership between CondéNet and GeoBeats
- CondéNet
TripAdvisor now carries destination videos from GeoBeats
- 901Am
Radio France, French radio service broadcaster, covered (in French) GeoBeats
- Radio France
"For travelers, check out They have short videos with practical advice about traveling."
- From coverage of GeoBeats on NBC Local News, video from broadcast and excerpt here
"Geobeats is hands down one of my all-time favorite sites....this site stand out above other travel video sites. The videos are all very well and professionally done."
"The site has a nice sized collection of well-done videos..."
- Google Earth Blog
"A wide variety of very well-done travel videos..."
"Thanks to a website called geobeats, you can check out a destination before you actually see it..."
- geeksugar
"...fantastic website featuring short guided travel videos, and we've become junkies!"
"an excellent resource for travellers who want to find out more information about their destination..."
"...very professionally done and pretty informative, so I recommend checking them out."
- Buenos Aires Argentina Guide
" amazing content site featuring video tours of cities around the globe."
- Change is Good
"The site is truly magical, and highly addictive (you've been warned)."
- Little Elephants
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