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I'd like to show you the top 10 attractions of Rome. Trastevere - A perfect opportunity to get away from tourists. If you want to experience the local Roman day-to-day life, you'll find it in the distinct Trastevere neighborhood. Mausoleum of Hadrian - Constructed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for himself, the building has served many functions. Roman Forum - Among the most significant ruins in Rome today. During the time of Roman Empire, this was a bustling city center with markets, banks, and government buildings. Spanish Steps - Probably the most important steps in the world, they draw visitors from all over. Piazza Navona - This is a large and popular square. About 1900 years ago, this was the site of a stadium which was later converted into a Piazza. Piazza del Popolo - Another historic and lively piazza of Rome, it is surrounded by beautiful structures. In Italian, Piazza del Popolo literally means people's square. Trevi Fountain - A grand fountain in the heart of Rome. You will not find a more gorgeous fountain anywhere else. Pantheon - Constructed nearly 2000 years ago, Pantheon is one of the most well known historical buildings of Rome. You will find it to be remarkably preserved. Vatican - It's been the home of the Pope for hundreds of years. Even though it is situated within Rome, Vatican is an independent country - in fact smallest in the world. Colosseum - No visit to Rome is complete without a visit to the Colosseum, the site for the gladiator fights. It is perhaps the most important symbol of the mighty Roman Empire.

Rome Top 10 Travel Attractions

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