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Russ G. - February 14, 2007
This place is awesome for authentic, think crust Italian pizza. And surprisingly affordable too!
Mary - February 18, 2007
Food in rome is the best. We also tried this place called 'La Campana' its been around in Rome since 1562... Now that is history. Hard to find this place since its in a small street, but google it and you shall know. For Pizza in Rome, go for the thin-crust margherita. You will not be disappointed!
Vincenzo - April 08, 2007
Outstanding information. Wish there was a great deal more.
soyoun Kwon - September 30, 2007
Last summer I went to Italy, and I was absolutely crazy for PIZZA. The best!! Awesome!! Also, right before, I watched this Video, and I miss it a lot.. wannan go there again from here, South Korea. long distance, huh? ^^
Joe & Megan & Brody - October 12, 2007
Near the Vatican Metro stop there's a place called Pizza Rustica, if memory serves correct. It was not only the best pizza we had while visiting Rome, Venice, Florence and Lucca, but suprisingly, the cheapest, too. We had some expensive pizza near St. Peter's square, and it was not very good at all. This place, it's a tiny little shop and doesn't look like much, but the pizza was perhaps the best we have ever had, in Italy or elsewhere! And the guy behind the counter was super nice, not rude to us U.S. tourists at all, even when we asked for the receipt! We were amazed at how many people were furious at us when we asked for a receipt. We know it's the law, but we guess that they would have preferred a receiptless, "cashless" transaction so they wouldn't have to report it to the tax man.
Sebastian - February 02, 2010
REALLY best place to eat in ROME unexpensive and absolutelly authentic. Really Italian Pizza made with best recipe. Hope to be in rome again to have 1 of those Kindest regards to stefano, a very funny waiter in Leoncino

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