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Sara M - February 12, 2007
This video is great. I went to the Colosseum last summer and this video really reminds me of what it was like to be there...the history and the grandeur of the Colosseum really comes through...Thank you...can't wait to finish watching all the other videos and see what else you guys come up with!
Sara M - February 12, 2007
I went to the Colosseum last summer and discovered this cute little cafe directly across from the Colosseum that serves authentic Italian pizza and great wine. It was amazing to sit outside at the cafe at night when the Colosseum was fully lit of the most memorable moments of the trip!
Smiling Aussie - February 18, 2007
Sara M, would you happen to know the name of this place. We loved a place across the colosseum for its pizza!! and recommend to people all the time. just dont know the name :-( We stayed at the Hotel Lancelot...there was also a gelateria next to this place??
Sara M - February 19, 2007
No, unfortunately I don't recall the name either. The gelato place next to it does ring a bell though...we are probably talking of the same you have any other favorite eateries in Rome?
Rita - May 02, 2007
i haven't been to the colosseum yet... but I would love to go. im doing a project about it so hopefully I'll discover it but I know i wont be able to discover it fully until I visit the wonderful place!
Hpz - November 02, 2007
It was one of the biggest amphitheater in the world during its era. It was originally called Flavian Amphitheater. Emperors used this place to entertain public with free games. It was a symbol of prestige and power and a way for an emperor to increase his popularity
alexandria h - January 17, 2008
this video is really good but i have a question how do they fight on the little plat form. and would they ever let people see one of the fights
katielynne - February 11, 2008
I really enjoyed your tour and it will really help me out with my history project so thankx alot again and i'm sure my whole class will thatnk you too we couldn't stop talking last class about how much we wanted to go to rome and take a tour of it thankx again, Bye.
katielynne - February 11, 2008
how did they work the elavators that brought gladiators and animals up in ancient rome times i mean its not like they had electricity!! =) =>

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