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KevPr - February 22, 2007
Remarkable - a whole city existed in the Forum. Hard to imagine Rome's treasure was stored here.
lmeux - March 07, 2007
There's history here that dates back to 3000 years ago. What a fantastic place to visit.
Cynthia - March 14, 2007
Roman Forum is stunning. It is like a live museum where you can get so much information about Rome's history.
Smiling Aussie - March 15, 2007
This is walking distance from the Pantheon area. try to go there in the evening and eat at the outside restaurants. Its pretty cool to be sitting and sipping wine in front of something that was built in 2 A.D.!!!
Alivia - April 20, 2010
I've always been facsinated with Rome,and the forum always caught my attention. It started in middle school when I was assigned a project on the Roman Forum. I enjoyed it. It is amazing to imagine how this place looked.
magistra f - September 29, 2010
Will use this video in my Latin class--good job!

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Roman Forum

Walk through what used to be a political, economic, and social center of Ancient Rome.


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Metro - Line B to Colosseo station.

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